Nevada Bioinformatics Center

Overview of Services

The Nevada Bioinformatics Center provides bioinformatics research resources, services, and training to Nevada scientists in the support of existing research programs and in the development of new programs and grant applications.

We provide:

  • High-Throughput Sequence Data Analysis (Alignment and Assemly)
  • Proteomics Data Analysis
  • Microarray Data Analysis
  • Multi-omics and other Data Analysis
  • Biostatistics & Clinical Informatics
  • Experimental Design
  • Pathway Analysis with iPathwayGuide
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • Consultation

Please explore our Services page for more information or contact us directly. 

This core is supported by the NV INBRE and the MW CTR-IN, grants from the NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences (GM103440, 5 U54 GM104944). The iLab license was provided by the NV INBRE Administrative Supplement, a grant from the NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences (GM103440-14A1S1).

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM             

Applied Research Facility
1664 N. Virginia Street,
Reno, NV 89557


Name Role Phone Email Location
Juli Petereit
(775) 784-4359
ARF 306
Hans Vasquez-Gross
Bioinformatics Scientist
(775) 784-7042
ARF 203

Services Price List

Search available services:
Name Description Price
1-1 or small group Trainings and Workshops (Per Hour)

Offering specialized bioinformatics and data science trainings on demand in a 1-1 or small groupvsetting (in-person or virtual)

Basic Genome Assembly - Per Project

Genome (re)assembly for genome size < 5Gb. Data preprocessing, followed by de novo assembly, polishing, and submitting to NCBI (using the same data type, e.g. Illumina or PacBio). NOT INCLUDED: curation, annotation, phasing haplotypes (using Illumine, PacBio, and/or HiC) – but these services can be requested.

Data Analysis (Per Hour)


Custom bioinformatics analysis from experimental design to publication for a variety of omic data, including but not limited to singe-cell, metagenomics, geneontology, and functional enrichment analyses.

Manuscript Preparation

Per Hour